ADHD Coaching Europe


ADHD Coaching Europe

Defining and unifying Professional ADHD Coaching in Europe.

Formed in Oktober 2012 based on the vision of all countries sharing the same definition of what ADHD Coaching is and how to best apply it.

In order to apply ADHD Coaching the best way possible we also need to define and clearify and eventually unify what an ADHD Coach training program should contain. All in the interest of serving persons with ADHD in a way that is helpful for them so that they can proceed, make progress and live fulfilling lives.

We are also working towards getting ADHD Coaching aknowledged and accepted in medical systems as part in a Multimodal Treatment and a possible choice of treatment also on its own.

ADHD Coaching Europe is involved in an EU project on ADHD.

There is a lot of work ahead but we have a strong belief that it is worth it!